198 West 21th Street,
Suite 721 New York,
NY 10010

Phone: +95 (0) 123 456 789
Cell: +95 (0) 123 456 789


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Nuevo Foodland

Who we are

Nuevo Food Land operates in restaurant services for those who travel by offering food, drinks and services in locations that are not simply rest areas but a real meeting point in which to discover the gastronomy and typical products of the regions and areas that host them: a full immersion where furnishings, recipes, colors, products, materials are mixed up to offer to eyes, nose and palate a unique experience that involves our customer at 360°.

We put our visitor first, to build thanks to his satisfaction a unique and efficient meeting point, which becomes a main destination for other future journeys and leads us to play a role of reliability and competence in the minds of those who have chosen us.

The experience in the culinary art and in the realization of our specialities by our collaborators guarantees us to win the heart, and the palate, of every single customer, from the most greedy to the most pretentious and sopisticated one.

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