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Specialities from the area of Verona, from the rice Vialone nano IGP, to local cold cuts, cheese and dairy products from Lessinia, extra-virgin olive oil from the Lake Garda, fruit and vegetables and the king of the table: wine. Verona is the first italian province for the production of D.O.C. wines (10 out of 22 Veneto) and from us you can find the best wineries of Valpolicella wine production, Recioto and Amarone in Valpolicella, Soave bordering the province of Vicenza, the white wines of Custoza, Lugana and Bardolino of the Garda hinterland, the Durello in the Lessini, the Arcole in the lower part and the Valdagdige of the Terra dei Forti.

Other “seasonal” specialities of the Christmas period are the Pandoro di Verona and the Panettone, usually garnished with candied fruit and raisins and other even more typical desserts, even if less known, of these areas such as Nadalin with the unmistakable star shape, the Ofella di Bovolone which is known to be the sister of Pandoro in a smaller version, the Mandorlato di Cologna Veneta, but also the Sfogliante di Villafranca and the San Vigilin del Garda, cakes with lemon flaveor filled with raisins.

Other specialities not to be forgotten are honey of the Lessinia and the Garda hills, obtained from the work of selected bees, the truffles, the Valeggio tortellini also called knots of love and characterized by a very ghin pulled dough and then woven like a handkerchief, containing a stuffing of minced meat.

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