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Bar Service

Bar and Food Service offer the freshest products for gastronomy with all the quality and the typical taste of Verona. Beverages and fresh soft drinks and all the fragrances of coffee, whith the diffrent blends prepared for the tradistional espresso and in all the variations of taste, is an unmissable appointment for any type of travel, from those on holiday with friends to those who are passing by before going to work. Our bar becomes a meeting point and the sharing of those little moments that become special for each of us, in front of a quick coffee alone, or a meal shared with family and friends, before or after a long journey.

Our breakfasts are a pleasant awakening for all those who want to take a break in our autogrill, savoring warm and fragrant brioches, stuffed with delicate creams for the sweet tooth, while the healthiest will have the opportunity to treat themselves a pleasure for the palate, focusing on light delicacy. Freshly squeezed juices, fruit juices for every taste contribute to start the morning with the right mood and the right charge.

And if it happens that you pass at any time, whether it is full winter or a gloomy day, we will be glad to delight you and cuddle you with a hot cup of tea accompained by fragrant biscuits and confectionery specialites that you can also buy in our market.

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